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Spiritual Awakening Tour, Tepoztlán México, 2020.

Holistic Healing House has created a transformative spiritual initiation program for those who are feeling called. Come to live an unique experience on the Magical Tepoztlán, reconnect with yourself in a beautiful Ancient Healing Sacred Ceremonies and explore the Mystical Mountain of  Tepozteco and its enigmatic Aztec Pyramid.


Our amazing healing and awakening adventure of three-night trip is designed only for people who are looking for a deeper healing and connection to themselves. This combination of spiritual activation and wellness is just the beginning of a beautiful healing journey through life.


Holistic Healing House is committed to offering the best spiritual healing and growth experience for each of the participants in this trip. We take the time and dedication to assess the needs of each person individually, for this reason the group is now open for an intimate little group with a tentative date for the last weekend on February.

Tepoztlán is a Mexican town south of México City it is known as the birthplace of Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec feathered Serpent God. The town is located at the foot of Tepozteco Mountain and is the result of the combination of the unique Ancient traditions and wisdom.

What is Included?

  • Air Fair Round Trip and Ground Transportation.
  • Three-night Accommodation.
  • Pre-Hispanic and Mexican traditional, Vegan and Organic Meals.
  • Sweat Lodge Ceremony for a Body Detox and Soul Purification (Temazcal) and Nocturnal Sacred Healing. Ceremony.
  • Tour to Explore the Mystical Tepozteco Mountain and its enigmatic Aztec Pyramid.
  • Massage 60-minute, different modalities to choose.
  • Folklore and Local Cultural Activities.

Spiritual Investment :

  • $1,111.00 USD per person, all rooms include gratuity and tax.
  • Non-refundable deposit of $500 USD per person is required to reserve and secure space, no later then December 20th, payments plan available. If you are interested Please Inquire.

February 2020 / RSVP Required

This experience is for adults over 18 years old and any medical condition needs to be approved in order to participate in the Sacred Ceremonies.

Holistic Healing House Retreats.... "Where the Body meets Soul"

NOTE: This price does not include shopping expenses, additional Spa treatments, alcoholic beverages or additional check in airline luggage.

Thank you in advance for your trust and understanding. If you are interested, please contact us and find out more.

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Spiritual Awakening Tour

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