Sweat Lodge Ceremony for Body Detox and Soul Purification

The Ancient sweat lodge, or TEMAZCAL, is a wonderful cleansing ritual that takes place inside a small hut heated by volcanic rocks. It involves a prayer ceremony performed by a propertly trained and authorized traditional Shaman, who creates a very safe space for people. The symbolism behind the TEMAZCAL is the idea of rebirth. It is used as a ritual purification ceremony of mind, body and spirit. The biggest takeaway from a TEMAZCAL is the emotional release but there are many physical benefits, such as improved blood circulation and digestion, relaxation of the nervous system, muscle regeneration, healthy skin and the elimination of toxins. It is an excellent healing  alternative for asthma and allergies,  is also a powerful postpartum treatment, and it can lessen the symptoms of PMS. TEMAZCAL is a beautiful curative therapeutic ceremony that has been in the Mexican culture for centuries and it is something that everyone should try at least once.   

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Sweat Lodge & Temazcal Facilitators

Rick Gulewich

Is an Intuitive  Energy Healer and Sweat Lodge Facilitator.

Gabriel Tezcateuhtli

Spiritual Healer and Temazcal Facilitator.

Chistian Christensen

Energy Healer Practitioner and Fire Guardian.

Cleansing Ritual


Know as "Limpia"

"Limpia" is an ancient Mexican Spiritual Ritual, that cleanses the body, emotions, mind, and soul from negative energies and/or thoughts. There are several tools and plants that can be used during the cleansing process. These will be determined based on the initial assessment performed prior to the ritual.

The goal is to purify the spiritual energetic field by clearing the energies that have become dense and caused blockages that affect the body and mind.   

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Postpartum Herbal Treatment


This Mexican Ancestral herbal blend is used to firm tissues, flaccidity, and sagging skin at the end of the pregnancy. This effective herbs mixture   restores the body and puts everything back in its place.  The postpartum herbal treatment is recommended during the first 40 days after giving birth.

The postpartum herbal treatment is a well-known Mexican family tradition that has been passed on through generations. It is highly effective and it is a complete healing ritual, for the body and spirit. It also helps to balance the emotions.

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Ceremonies of Mother Earth


Sacred Ceremonies of Mother Earth

know as "Grandmother's Loving Medicine",  is a Healing and Spiritual Awakening through the sacred “Master Plant” in a traditional medicine ceremony. The Master Plant has been considered for millennia to be a medicine for individual and collective growth as well as for the amplification and understanding of consciousness and healing.  The ritual is always performed within a culturally and religiously delimited margin for therapeutic purposes. Within tradition, this plant is considered to be the Grandmother medicine, because of the feeling of being care of and guided by a loving and understanding force that reminds us of our connection to Mother Earth.   

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Chocolate Circle


Cacao Circle Healing Ceremony

In the Ancient times, a cup of Cocoa was shared with each beloved person who came to visit the houses in the Mayan communities. They would drink Chocolate and speak from the heart, their truth where it is possible to create a new reality. The Cacao Ceremony is done by those who share their energy, love and dreams that manifest themselves. The Chocolate ritual  allows us to go deep into ourselves, trust and listen.   

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