Alternative Medicine

Sound Therapy


Is an alternative treatment that uses different vibrations associated with healing. Our bodies contain energy frequencies and some sonic vibrations can be used to re-attune these energies. This alternative Medicine has reportedly provided  beneficial effects on mental and body health; harmonious frequencies translated into positive and relaxing mood states. In Sonotherapy, different tools and sound elements are used, such as Tibetan and Quartz Bowls, Bells and many others. Sound Therapy is a non-invasive technique that revitalizes and restores the physical, mental and energetic fields of the human body.  

Crystal Therapy


Crystalotherapy is a bioenergetic tool based on ancestral knowledge of the use of crystals, stones and gems to regulate the energetic state of the person. The benefits of Crystal Therapy include balancing emotions, clarifying the mind, and facilitating deep meditation, energy protection and helping with stress and muscle tension.  

Bach Flowers Therapy


  The Bach Flowers Therapy has been used in 66 countries worldwide for over 70 years. The plant and flower based formulas help us to manage the emotional demands of everyday life by bringing negative attitudes and feelings back into balance and perspective. Each Bach Remedy deals with a specific negative emotion that disrupts our lives and  they work to address everyday emotional imbalances, thereby helping us to maintain our emotional and physical well-being.   



Considered to be a method of Holistic Healing that uses different plants, aromas and fragrances to benefit the mind and body.   

Many herbs and plants are applied topically to the skin in Essential Oil.