What is Energy Healing/Reiki?

Energy Healing/Reiki are forms of complementary health care practices, which have been found to enhance the body's ability to heal itself.

What Energy Healing/Reiki is not

Your practitioner is not a licensed physician, and Energy Healing/Reiki does not require licensing by the state. They are meant to be a complement to “healing arts services licensed by the state”; i.e., they are a complement to traditional Western medicine provided by doctors, nurses, and other licensed medical professionals.

What is the Theory of the Energy Healing/Reiki Treatment?
Stress, trauma and illness restrict the natural flow of ki (chi) or “life force energy” through the body. By restoring the flow of life force energy through the body, Energy Healing/Reiki rejuvenates the body’s ability to relax and, therefore, supports the body’s ability to heal itself.

Although one session may be adequate, long-term imbalances in the body sometimes require multiple treatments in order to allow the body to reach the level of relaxation necessary to bring the system back into balance. Improvement often requires commitment on the client’s part (e.g., willingness to make lifestyle changes) in order to fully benefit from Energy Healing/Reiki sessions.

What is the Nature of the Energy Healing/Reiki Services Provided?
During a Energy Healing/Reiki session, the client is asked to lie down. He/She remains fully clothed during the treatment session. The majority of the session will involve the practitioner holding his/her hands about 2-3 inches above the client’s body. If guided to do so, the practitioner will ask permission to place his/her hands on your body but only in a manner acceptable to you and within the legal limits of his/her practice as a Energy Healing/Reiki Practitioner.

Once the session begins, the practitioner allows the life force energy to flow through his/her hands, which may be experienced by the client as heat, coolness, vibrating, tingling, a light pressure, a slight pulling sensation, or nothing at all. The Practitioner may also use other hands-off techniques, such as sweeping the body of unneeded energy or using vocal tones to break up energy blocks. The practitioner is simply a conduit or channel of the life force energy. It is believed that the energy is guided by God/Source/Spirit for the physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual well-being of the client. Therefore, a specific outcome cannot be guaranteed by the Energy Healing/Reiki Practitioner.

What to expect from a Spiritual Reading?

Spiritual Reading provides intuitive guidance and clarity to assist you in your personal growth and empowerment. It is important to remember that the Spiritual Reading is an interpretation only, and readings are provided for entertainment purposes. You must use you own  best judgement when applying any information or suggestion provided by a reader. 

What is a Spiritual Coach?

A spiritual coach helps you identify how to move your life forward by helping you understand the way that you operate on a deeper level. By not only understanding your habits, behavior and goals, it helps you understand yourself and the world around you from a spiritual perspective, working with your deep-rooted beliefs and your connection to the divine.

A spiritual coach listens to your spiritual concerns. The coach's role is not to give answers but to help you connect with your beliefs. Through the process, the coach raises your self-awareness about your feelings. You'll find out if your beliefs are right for you or if you need to explore new ones. 

What a Spiritual Coach is not

A Spiritual Coach is not a licensed California State mental health professional and does not provide psychotherapy, counseling, or any other mental health service that would require a license, nor does coach hold themselves out to provide such services. A Spiritual Coach provides spiritual consulting and educational services that often result in substantial learning and transformation. 

What techniques does the Spiritual Coach uses?

The Spiritual Coach uses techniques based on the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Energy Healing, Law of attraction and manifestation, coupled with universal spiritual principles and other applied teachings. 

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Complementary healing arts, such as Energy Healing, Reiki, Spiritual Coaching, do not require licensing by the State of California. For further details see Bill SB 577